About Us

We are a group of flight simulator enthusiasts who have been flying together for years and finally decided to put our club out there for others to enjoy with us. Fly-GA Club is designed for the pilot who loves the thrill of flying “Low n’ Slow” while touring the country and exploring new places. Sometimes we fly alone while enjoying God’s creation in slow motion and at other times we fly in a groups of two or more.

Additionally Fly-GA Club includes pilots who enjoy the challenge of flying from an air strips to remote areas in the region – grass strips, river banks, mountain tops, etc. These planes are often referred to as Bush Planes or Big Tire planes and the pilots who fly them have earned the respect as Bush Pilots. The areas where they take off and land are their playgrounds.

If you are only interested in flying “Long Haul” commercial airliners (big tin or tubes) across the country, probably you should not join our club because we do not fly them here. We may at some point include a commercial cargo plane in our fleet but it will be reserved for our founder, president, or pilots who have achieved a commercial pilot certificate which is presented after many flying hours with the club.

We support major simulators including but not limited to X-Plane, P3D, and FSX. To join our club you must have already attained age 16 and if you fly online, you must be a member in good standing with networks VATSIM, IVAO or PilotEdge. When joining, you should be willing to submit a PIREP within 45 days and to maintain membership every 45 days thereafter. Failure to fly may result in your membership being deleted. All flights should be recorded by our ACARS flight tracking software but if your simulator will not support our ACARS than a manual PIREP is acceptable.

If these guidelines are attractive to you, give us a try, you will find a friendly and warm group of pilots here.

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