Our Fleet

Our fleet consist of a growing variety of GA planes - if we think we'll fly it, we buy and include it in our fleet; if we're not sure whether we will fly it or not we'll probably get it anyway. We are a people who enjoys flying GA planes and we everyone enjoys trying new planes occasionally.

Aircraft Code Max Pax Cruise Speed Ceiling Engine Range Fleet Count
Beechcraft 1900
B190 19 248kts 25,000ft PT6A-67D 1,500nm 2 more info
Beechcraft Baron 58
BE58 4 200kts 18,600ft IO 550 C 1,013nm 2 more info
Beechcraft King Air 350
B350 10 320kts 35,000ft PT6A 60A 1,550nm 4 more info
Beechcraft King Air C90
BE9L 5 223kts 30,000ft PT6A-21 1,130nm 2 more info
Cessna 208 Caravan
C208 12 190kts 25,000ft PT6A 114 912nm 2 more info
Cessna 404 Titan
C404 8 241kts 26,000ft GTS IO 520 M 1,841nm 2 more info
Cessna Centurion
C210 5 170kts 27,000ft TSIO-520-R 900nm 2 more info
Cessna Skylane
C172 3 126kts 13,500ft O-360-L2Ad2j 696nm 4 more info
Cessna Skylane
C182 3 150kts 18,100ft O 540 AB1A5 915nm 2 more info
DeHavilland Turbo Otter CHC-3T
DHC3 9 139kts 18,800ft R 1340 S1H1 G 822nm 1 more info
Kodiak Quest
KODI 9 174kts 25,000ft PT6A-34 1,132nm 2 more info
Lancair Columbia 400
COL4 3 235kts 24,997ft IO 550 N2B 1,107nm 3 more info
Pilatus PC-12
PC12 9 268kts 35,000ft Pratt & Whitney 2,250nm 2 more info
Piper Cherokee 140
P28A 3 123kts 14,000ft O-320-E2D 465nm 2 more info
Piper Navajo
PA31 6 226kts 26,300ft TIO-540 810nm 2 more info
Piper PA-24-250 Comanche
PA24 4 165kts 19,500ft IO-540 1,225nm 1 more info
Piper Super Cub
PA18 1 110kts 19,000ft O 235 C1 400nm 3 more info
Rockwell Turbo/Twinn Commander 690B
AC90 8 284kts 31,000ft TPE 331 5 521 960nm 2 more info
Super Skymaster
C337 5 198kts 18,000ft IO 360 GB 920nm 3 more info
Twin Otter DHC-6-300
DHC6 10 180kts 25,000ft PT6A 27 540nm 2 more info