Our Fleet

Our fleet consist of a growing variety of GA planes - if we think we'll fly it, we buy and include it in our fleet; if we're not sure whether we will fly it or not we'll probably get it anyway. We are a people who enjoys flying GA planes and we everyone enjoys trying new planes occasionally.

Aircraft Code Max Pax Cruise Speed Ceiling Engine Range Fleet Count
Aeroprakt A-22 Foxbat
AP22 2 120kts 13,000ft Rotax-912 594nm 2 more info
Beechcraft 1900
B190 19 248kts 25,000ft PT6A-67D 1,500nm 2 more info
Beechcraft Baron 58
BE58 4 200kts 18,600ft IO 550 C 1,013nm 2 more info
Beechcraft King Air 350
B350 10 320kts 35,000ft PT6A 60A 1,550nm 4 more info
Beechcraft King Air C90
BE9L 5 223kts 30,000ft PT6A-21 1,130nm 2 more info
Cessna 208 Caravan
C208 12 190kts 25,000ft PT6A 114 912nm 2 more info
Cessna 404 Titan
C404 8 241kts 26,000ft GTS IO 520 M 1,841nm 2 more info
Cessna Centurion
C210 5 170kts 27,000ft TSIO-520-R 900nm 2 more info
Cessna Skyhawk
C172 3 126kts 13,500ft O-360-L2Ad2j 696nm 4 more info
Cessna Skylane
C182 3 150kts 18,100ft O 540 AB1A5 915nm 2 more info
DeHavilland Turbo Otter CHC-3T
DHC3 9 139kts 18,800ft R 1340 S1H1 G 822nm 1 more info
Flight Design CT
FDCT 2 120kts 15,000ft Rotax 912iS 830nm 3 more info
Kodiak Quest
KODI 9 174kts 25,000ft PT6A-34 1,132nm 2 more info
Lancair Columbia 400
COL4 3 235kts 24,997ft IO 550 N2B 1,107nm 3 more info
Pilatus PC-12
PC12 9 268kts 35,000ft Pratt & Whitney 2,250nm 2 more info
Piper Cherokee 140
P28A 3 123kts 14,000ft O-320-E2D 465nm 2 more info
Piper Navajo
PA31 6 226kts 26,300ft TIO-540 810nm 2 more info
Piper PA-24-250 Comanche
PA24 4 165kts 19,500ft IO-540 1,225nm 1 more info
Piper Super Cub
PA18 1 110kts 19,000ft O 235 C1 400nm 3 more info
Rockwell Turbo/Twinn Commander 690B
AC90 8 284kts 31,000ft TPE 331 5 521 960nm 2 more info
Super Skymaster
C337 5 198kts 18,000ft IO 360 GB 920nm 3 more info
Twin Otter DHC-6-300
DHC6 10 180kts 25,000ft PT6A 27 540nm 2 more info