posted by Don Singleton on 2020-04-15

Welcome, we are glad you joined out Club. if you did not receive a welcome letter for Fly-GA Club, check you SPAM folder.

Be sure you read the “About Us>Club” article up above; there you read some of the requirements for pilots.

Once your application is accepted, you can download a Pilots Manual and the Flight Tracking software from the tab in the upper right corner which changes from “Crew Centre” to “Your Name” after you Login. Click on your name and choose “Downloads” from the dropdown - the ACARS download should place an icon on your desktop.

To use the ACARS, click on the icon and use the new Pilot ID and the Password you submitted with your application. Complete your flight information and fly. If you have MAC or Linux you may file manual PIREP.

HOW TO SCHEDULE A FLIGHT: you are not required to use schedule flights, you can create you own flight within ACARS but if you wish to fly a scheduled flight, you MUST be logged in. Then use the same dropdown to choose "Schedule." Try the search filters to locate a flight you want, click on the "Flight Number" and then "Book Flight." In the window that opens next, click on "dispatch" to see the briefing where you can find the suggested "Route" and where you can also "Cancel Flight" should you change your mind. When you start ACARS, most of the information will automatically be populated except maybe the cruise altitude and maybe route. All you need to do is fill in the boxes, start ACARS and fly.

Happy Flyn' and have fun